What's magical facial??



What is Magical Facial?

Make your face more attractive in just 15 minutes
A magical facial treatment.


There are two types of magical facials.

1, by a magician facialist
A 15-minute treatment while sitting leads to dramatic results
magical facial

2. By attending a self-face massage course (paid)
Anyone can easily change their face
Self-magical facial that allows you to graduate from going to the salon

Dramatic change in 1 month


↑Get younger as you get older


Everyone is satisfied even if it is only once.
It's not a lifetime treatment, so I'm going back.

By continuing, like the students
Your face will change.


4 reasons why your face looks bigger.

1、muscle tension
distortion of bones
4、stagnation of lymph



By approaching the cause of the face getting bigger
I will do the treatment in the best way to lead to the result at once.

However, it is difficult to change fat in one go.
I'm going to approach the place that is easy to change!

Recently, fascia release and fascia peeling have become widely known.
The fascia is the membrane that covers the muscles.
Also known as the second skeleton.

Facial tissue consists of epidermis, dermis, subcutaneous tissue, SMAS fascia, and facial muscles.
It consists of 5 layers.

SMAS fascia
refers to the membrane that covers the muscles that make facial expressions.
This fascia is linked to the muscles of facial expression.

Furthermore, the fascia is collagen (tension) and elastin (elasticity).
it is said to be done
Sagging with aging, due to the decline of "SMAS fascia"
It may cause wrinkles and sagging.

By approaching here, it promotes firmness and elasticity,

I'm going to take an approach to make my skin youthful.


There are about 60 facial muscles on the face. those muscles are
It has different characteristics from the skeletal muscles of the body.


The current situation is that some muscles are overused and others are underused.

In particular, unlike English, Japanese is a language that can be spoken without using too much muscle,
They tend not to use their muscles much compared to Westerners who have rich facial expressions.

However, compared to other countries, Japanese people have a lot of stress.
Clenching, clenching your teeth, and tension can tighten your facial muscles, making them more rigid than they should be.

If the pressure is too strong, a defensive reflex will occur.
Muscles become stiffer and try to protect the body.

The pressure that does not cause defensive reflexes gently relaxes the muscles without pain.


Important lymph nodes around the face are located in the parotid gland, submandibular gland, and clavicle.
Especially because there is a lymphatic outlet under the collarbone
After widening the exit, the excess waste on your face will be washed away.

Avoid sagging and wrinkles
While stroking the face with its own route without applying pressure as much as possible
I'm going to do lymphatic care.


The head and face are made up of 23 bones.


The jaw joint is the only facial bone that can move consciously.

However, it is said that the skull, which consists of 23 pieces, repeats opening and closing while breathing unconsciously.
Of course, you can't see it, and you can't even feel it moving.

However, in daily life, the 23 bones of the skull are not in the best position.
It's going to be off.

You can't change the size or shape of individual bones.
By approaching the muscles and fascia around the bone
I will help guide you to the original best position.



The most important thing to become a small face is

“Creating a habit that does not make your face look big”


"Mindset to make your face smaller"

It's important to make a habit to change your face.


Eliminate the cause of not being able to continue
No matter how sloppy and unable to continue
Develop a sustainable mindset.

by continuing

the habit of continuing
positive thinking

available at the same time!


First of all, it is possible online or in store
Please come to the magical facial experience!
(If the schedule is not displayed, we will temporarily stop recruiting.)




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